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Gustav Windeit GmbH

A specialised wholesaler of second hand hardware, Gustav Windeit GmbH markets ex demo units previously used in the MKCL Demopool using their brand web shop „NBWN - Notebooks wie neu“ (literally: Notebooks like new). After the hard drives of the devices have been securely erased, the machines are thoroughly checked before being put on sale at . On top of that, we also offer accessories for desktop PCs and notebooks as well as new hardware from surplus production. is a certified „Trusted Shop“.

NBWN does not only sell ex Demopool hardware, but also second hand hardware of any kind.

Years of experience in the fields of project business, rollback management and logistics have made NBWN a dependable and sought-after partner. Of course, any second hand hardware that is sold will first be thoroughly quality checked by our refresh team. NBWN mainly handles notebooks, PC systems and monitors.

Our unique business model

(1) The hardware is built by the manufacturer.

(2) These devices are used in our Demopool to offer hardware tests to our customers.

(3) Businesses will have the opportunity to get to know and evaluate one or more devices.

(4) A few weeks later, the device is returned to MKCL and goes into re-marketing after the hard disks are securely erased and the devices have passed our quality checks.

(5) These nearly new devices are then sold worldwide through our web shop.

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