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MKCL Deutschland - The incoming goods department
The incoming goods department – This is where new hardware and returned demo units are being checked.
MKCL Deutschland - The assembly area
The assembly area – Here the device is assembled to the customer’s specification
Our warehouse
Our warehouse – All devices and components are stored here
Mitarbeiter hat Lenovo Laptop unter seinen Arm geklemmt
ThinkPad-Karton steht auf einem Regal
ThinkStations auf einem Rollcontainer

How do we manage all this?

If you process an average of 5,500 demo devices per quarter, flexible procedures and careful planning of resources, but most importantly true teamwork are is the key to success.

When planning our product portfolio, we take into account consider the entire range of products. This enables us to offer our client the best selection possible. When the customer configures hardware using the Demopool Portal, availability, estimated delivery times and service agreements are all displayed automatically.

We have implemented procedures to meet our client’s special demands as well. The diversity of products as well as the large selection of components make this possible. Our resource planning system is specifically designed to meet our requirements. We value flexible, speedy and clean solutions. Once an order is placed, our production planning team makes sure no time is lost in the assembly of the products.

The devices are assembled on 10 production lines before the required software is installed. For this, approximately 600 terabytes worth of images and drivers are available. A team of 60 highly experienced specialists take care of assembly, storage and shipping logistics. Finally, the units are cleaned and quality checked before being securely packaged and shipped.

We are staying on it

Our job is not done once the hardware has shipped. We are there for the customer throughout the duration of the test period and even take care of collecting the hardware when it is due for return. Our online Customer Information Centre means that your customer can check the status of their order at any time.

Any unit that is being returned to us is thoroughly checked whether it is fit for further use in the Demopool. Data security is of the highest priority, which is why we securely erase every hard drive - audit proof in accordance with BSI standards.

We leave nothing to chance

Our goal is to offer the highest possible quality to our clients. For this reason every step of the assembly process is being documented. We are a performance oriented and transparent partner.  

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