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Michael Frautz

Managing Director


Founder of the company (1997), Chairman of the Board, CEO, Visionary

Michael Frautz is the „visionary“ of our company. His commitment and continued effort are what drive the development and strategic orientation of our business. He is the head of the IT, Sales and Demopool departments.

Uwe Twachtmann

Managing Director


Managing Director (since 2016), CCO & CFO, Navigator

Uwe Twachtman has been on board since the beginning of 2016. As our “navigator” he keeps MKCL on the strategic course and stands at the operative helm of our daily business. A business economist, controller and business coach for medium sized enterprises with more than 20 years experience, his responsibilities include finance, human resources, administration and organisation.

Thomas Weiß

Director IT


Thomas Weiß is affectionately known as the „nerd master”. He and his team work according to the motto “What doesn’t fit will be made to fit”. He heads the SAP, IT operation and development departments. His teams are sometimes referred to as “saviours”. They take care of internal IT and software and program the web shops and web portals for our customers.

Birgit Voll

Director Customers & Communications


Birgit Voll is our “full-blooded communicator”. She is responsible for everything concerning marketing, sales, acquisition and service. As experienced product and e-business manager she has profound knowledge in market research and consulting. She represents the customer’s point of view in our management team and gives important stimuli for the strategic plans of the company.

Marc Langer

Senior Manager Finance


Mark Langer is our „treasurer“ and heads the Finance, Business Controlling and Accounting departments. He and his team of 5 are at the heart of our company. Nothing goes past them undetected. Anything that is done in other departments will result in a receipt that in the end is processed by his team.

Tanja Rietschel

Manager Human Resources


Tanja Rietschel is our friendly Human Resources Manager. She is the „heart and soul of the company“ and her field of responsibility extends to personnel management, personnel planning, hiring and employment law. She takes care of the trainees in our company and is there to lend an ear to employees, whenever necessary. 

Loretta Fokuhl

Manager Demopool

(on parental leave)

Loretta Fokuhl is a cheerful „initiator“. She heads the Demopool Management Department (DPM) where all the threads converge. It is where the big picture is formed - or dismantled - should the need arise. Ensuring planning reliability for the Demopool, but also firefighting or changing perspectives are the strengths of the DPM team. Loretta Fokuhl liaises with the different departments so that our company can best meet the goals set together with our customers.

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