Michael Frautz
Managing Director

Founder of the company (1997), Chairman of the Board, CEO, Visionary

Michael Frautz is the „visionary“ of our company. With a lot of passion and diligence, he constantly works on the further development of the business areas and the orientation of the corporate strategy.

E-mail: mf@mkcl.de

Andreas Mayer
Managing Director

Andreas Mayer is the “operational link” connecting the ropes between day-to-day business and the strategic orientation of the MKCL group.
He has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry with senior leadership positions in marketing, sales and operations.
For the areas of sales & marketing as well as the operative day-to-day business, he controls the fortunes of the company.

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E-mail: am@mkcl.de

Birgit Voll
Leader Marketing & Sales

As a business graduate with extensive experience in marketing and customer management, Birgit takes care of everything relating to marketing, sales, acquisition and service at MKCL. She represents the customer view in the management team and provides important impulses for the strategic direction of the company.

E-mail: bv@mkcl.de

Marc Langer
Senior Manager Finance

Marc Langer is our „treasurer“ and heads the Finance, Business Controlling and Accounting departments. He and his team are at the heart of our company. Nothing goes past them undetected. Anything that is done in other departments will result in a receipt that in the end is processed by his team.

E-mail: ml@mkcl.de

Tanja Rietschel
Manager Human Resources

Tanja Rietschel is our friendly Human Resources Manager. She is the „heart and soul of the company“ and her field of responsibility extends to personnel management, personnel planning, hiring and employment law. She takes care of the trainees in our company and is there to lend an ear to employees, whenever necessary. 

E-mail: tr@mkcl.de

Loretta Fokuhl
Senior Manager Strategy & Business Development

Loretta Fokuhl is a cheerful „initiator“. She is where all the threads come together when it comes to organising and developing new business areas. Loretta is the interface between our customers and the operational departments. She plans, organises and mediates, so that we can develop and implement ideas together with our customers and partners.

E-mail: lb@mkcl.de