Your second hand hardware is safe with us!

What happens to the hardware after it has been used?


The time has come to replace PCs, notebooks and monitors in your company? But what happens to your disused hardware? And what about data security? How can you be sure your sensitive data will really be securely erased?

We will take care of that for you

For many years we have specialised in retrieving second hand hardware with a focus on large corporations in the financial and insurance sectors, but also for consulting firms. With this experience we are sure to offer you a suitable solution to take care of rolling back your IT. This includes retrieving and collecting the hardware, asset management and audit proof erasure of hard drives. 

Retrieval and asset management

Our experienced team will liaise with you to make sure that the complex process of retrieving your hardware will run smoothly. This includes planning, consulting and refurbishment of your disused hardware in our in-house logistics and service centre. Our top priority is that your day-to-day business will not be interrupted while we take care that the integrity of your sensitive data remains intact.

Secure data erasure

Your privacy and the security of your data are important to us. With years of professional experience in data erasure, we guarantee that all drives will be securely wiped. To ensure your data is irretrievable and the machines are made 100% anonymous, we use a modified, certified version of “Data Cleaner” by Blancco.

A web shop that is made for you

Would you like to give your employees the opportunity to buy your disused hardware? We will program a web shop for you including custom product groups and categories.

This will help avoid tax related issues. As hardware will be purchased from MKCL, your employees will not be liable for tax on benefit in kind. Your employees will receive professionally cleaned and tested hardware that has been securely wiped. MKCL service starts with the creation of a suitable and professional sales concept and includes dealing with any right of return or warranty claims. We will take over any surplus hardware. Our qualified team will handle all this for you, providing a complete package.

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