Are you looking to get demo hardware to your clients all over Europe?

We will take care of it

Stock planning of demo devices

Ease of use

Configuration & logistics

We are there for you

After the test period

Additional services

We will take care of your Demopool management needs.

We are your one-step partner

Planning, procurement, managing and stocking, assembly, configuration, packaging and logistics, we will take care of all your Demopool needs. Our services include managing and tracking the test period contracts from the beginning to the end, including collections, refurbishment and re-marketing of the hardware via our sales partner Gustav Windeit GmbH.

Stock planning of demo devices

What is the ideal stock size?

Our professional know how means that we can support you by planning the stock and developing a customised concept to suit your needs. This way we can ensure that the Demopool contains only the necessary number of machines. Our integrated approach means that we can synchronise demand planning, production planning and controlling, resulting in the best possible availability at minimal capital commitment.

Ease of use

The Demopool Portal and its configurator

Our specialists and you will develop a customised concept together. Where do you want to go? Where can we take you? How can we achieve our common goal together? Which of our building blocks fits your needs and what can we develop for you?

We have developed a web based management tool we call Demopool. This allows your sales reps to keep track of stocks, budgets, shipping destinations or missing approvals. Together with a comprehensive set of statistics and reports, your sales reps have all the key data available online.

Configuration & logistics

We assemble your demo hardware

Our broad product portfolio and large selection of components and options mean that we may offer to assemble various configurations. Our goal is that each demo device makes it to your customer unharmed. To achieve this, we have teamed up with our partners, developing specialised packaging. Our production planning team makes sure assembly and shipping are synchronised using an SAP based computer system.

We are there for you

Our customer service is there to help you

Our multi-lingual and well trained customer service team is there to help your customers and sales reps to make every test period a success. The team will look after your customer and is happy to help every step of the way.

After the test period

We will get a good price

Demopool test periods only take a few weeks. After that, the devices are collected and thoroughly checked by the IT specialists at the Gustav Windeit GmbH refresh centre.

Our team researches the current market price to make sure we can sell the product at the best possible price. Under the brand name NBWN - Notebooks wie neu (literally: Notebooks like new) we then take care of selling the hardware to end customers, re-sellers, wholesalers and project clients alike. Well organised processes guarantee that your ex demo hardware will be re-marketed successfully.

Additional services

Benchmarking and Priority Shipping

Dealing with different hardware and software on a daily basis means we have the experience to conduct your system benchmarks. Our highly skilled team uses tried and trusted benchmarking procedures to run the tests, so your company has the peace of mind of investing in hardware that truly meets your business needs.

Europe-wide shipping and collection

Austria Finland Lativa
Belgium France Netherlands
Bulgaria United Kingdom Norway
Switzerland Greece Poland
Cyprus Croatia Portugal
Czech Republik Hungary Romania
Germany Ireland Sweden
Denmark Italy Slovenia
Estonia Lithuania Slovakia
Spain Luxemburg Turkey

500 TB

of storage space for OS images


components in stock


production lines

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