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Who is MKCL?

Together with our clients, we develop customised Demopool processing and management concepts. This includes everything from when an order is placed to re-marketing returned hardware. Our goal is to present our client’s products in the best way possible.

What makes our services unique?

1. We assemble by hand

We assemble completely new hardware for you that has not existed this way before. The devices we create for your clients are assembled by hand by our team of specialists. We do not simply offer a range of pre-configured machines, but offer your customer a choice to meet their individual demands. We are a flexible partner with innovative ideas offering a sensible, customised and complete solution.

2. We ship throughout Europe

We ship our hardware to destinations all over Europe. On top of that we take care of collection when the time comes to return the hardware to us. For deliveries to non-EU countries, we deal with customs so you do not have to.

3. We are great in software


We have developed a web based management tool we call Demopool. This allows your sales reps to keep track of stocks, budgets, shipping destinations or missing approvals. Together with a comprehensive set of statistics and reports, your sales reps have all the key data available online.

A web shop made for you

Would you like to give your employees the opportunity to buy disused hardware? We will program a web shop and make the necessary arrangements.

4. We are an experienced reseller for second hand and almost-new hardware

We specialise in the marketing of almost new hardware, offering our very own, well-known web shop, (literally: Notebooks like new). This means we have the right infrastructure to sell your demo hardware after testing.

We are with you every step of the way when it comes to marketing second hand hardware. Selling to employees, erasing data, reconditioning hardware, B2C sales as well as the correct disposal of hardware are all part of our portfolio.

5. We offer multi-lingual service & support

The flexible nature of our customer service means that we may offer you an ideal end-to-end solution. Our multi-lingual and well trained customer service team is always there to help your customers and sales reps alike, helping to make every test period a success.


parcels shipped internationally in 2018


parcels shipped nationally in 2018


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